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Lifestyle Home Staging

When selling (or renting) your home you are selling a lifestyle but not necessarily your own lifestyle. It is critical for the potential new tenants to feel the excitement in your home and visualize themselves living in this new world we are presenting. Staging your home is beyond neutralizing colors, decluttering, and removing personal items; it is about showing your target market the potential of your home by highlighting all the possibilities it has to offer. We believe that every home is unique and focus on enhancing the homes' strengths. Our skilled home staging professionals can help expand your marketing position and attract potential clients. 

Bren Bell Home Stager

Bren Bell CEO Lifestyle Home Staging

"Let your home represent the lifestyle people dream of."

At LifeStyle Home Staging we take pride in adding a feeling of elegance and style that will appeal to your target audience. A home is a reflection of the family that lives within it; a display of the journey of their choices, a showcase of their personality, and an exhibit of their milestones. It has been decorated to pattern their uniqueness. It is what makes their house a home. It offers comfort and familiarity and it fits them like a glove. It is perfect, for them. It may not, however, be perfect for your target audience.  Let us see what we can do to make your home a home for everyone.

Interior Styling by Interior Designer

We can help you meet your objectives whether you are:

  • A home owner who seeks to refresh your home.  Looking to sell a home at top market price. 
  • A seasonal rental property owner motivated to increase revenue and enhance repeat interest.
  • An individual who has purchased a vacation home and needs Vacation Home Setup to enjoy your getaway from Day 1 without the need or desire to spend precious vacation time decorating.

Home Staging For Sale

Get the most money from the sale of your home by using us as your Delray Beach home staging company. Moving is hard and can feel like an emotional roller coaster at times.  It is an overwhelming task to removing precious personal items (decluttering), preparing (organizing and refreshing) your home so your buyers can see how they can live there.  Lifestyle Home Staging in Delray Beach is an expert in helping minimize the anxiety associated with this life change by elegantly staging your home for the new buyer, while gently lessening your attachment to the newly staged and depersonalized home. This interim detachment phase can help reduce offensive feelings of criticism if negative feedback might occur; thus allowing your negotiating capacity to be less affected. 

Vacation Home Setup

Buying a second home can be both emotional and rewarding, not to mention fun for

family and friends. When you purchase a vacation home, you likely considered the location and lifestyle it has to offer. Vacations are supposed to represent an escape from everyday life, and your new vacation home should reflect that as well. Many second homes are sold unfurnished and do not offer the ‘ready to vacation’ atmosphere, most families desire. Let us handle the interior styling and furnish every aspect of the initial set up your new vacation home, so you can enjoy your cup of coffee, and hit the beach, tennis courts, or golf course on day one of your vacation. When you return call on us to do a mini set up on your subsequent holidays. 

Change in lifestyle

A change in lifestyle can present through desire, need, or fate. Regardless, during one’s

lifetime it is nearly certain to happen. Whether your lifestyle is changing because of a desire to

downsize, a union wishing to combine two households into one, the dissolution of a

relationship where reestablishing a new home becomes necessary, or marketing an inherited

home, the process can be daunting. 

Downsizing: There are many practical benefits to downsizing; reducing stress,

reducing debt, or making life simpler. Let us help you stay focused on the benefits of

living larger in less space by leaving the details of staging your home to the experts.

Combining homes: Relationships are about enjoying the beauty of similarities

and differences in each other. When combining two homes with similar styles

(duplicates) or significantly different styles (extremely eclectic), this can become

challenging. Let us help you showcase both personalities in a cohesive manner. 

Dividing Homes: Setting up a home after a break up can prove challenging, in

particular for the individual who may not have been initially involved in the previous

setup; and in many situation they will be starting from scratch in regards to home

furnishings. Many newly separated individuals want the transition to be done quickly to

help alleviate the stress of the separation and/or to accommodate children. A home is an

extension of ourselves, and it is important to get ‘setup and functional’ as quickly as

possible to help re-instill a sense of security and stability. Let us help you find comfort in

your new home by creating the environment you deserve, from top to bottom

(silverware to furnishings), or adding a personal touch to your new environment.

Inherited Property: When an inherited house becomes yours, figuring out what

to do with it can present financial and emotional issues. Once you decide to sell the

property, preparing it can become a challenge, especially if you do not reside in the

same location as the property. Finding the right people is crucial when you are found in

the emotional and often rushed selling of an inherited home. A respected real estate

agent, estate seller (if necessary), and home stager will simplify the process. Let us

analyze the home to determine strong and weak points, and put together a plan to

highlight all the possibilities it has to offer